Monday, December 27, 2010

Scavenger Hunt - stage 1

And the stage is set - Grandma and Grandpa just have to come over for the fun. Here are the details boys:

Follow the clues to find your last present...

Clue 1: Don't you worry, don't you fret,There's more fun in store for you. Find the clues - bring them here. The first might be stinky in a white box of _____. SHOES

The kids got this quickly - the adults thought I was being too tough LOL

Clue 2: Be it toes, or dogs, or people, When they're dirty they need a scrub. Whether it's little or whether it's big - it can get cleaned up in the ___. TUB

Clue 3: It's wintertime and cold outside. "How do we keep warm?" I said. Well, we put our golves upon our hands and ____ upon our heads. HATS

Clue 4: A place for storage or to play. When you're there you must behave. It's cooler there, a manly place... here we call it the ____________. MANCAVE - now someone who shall remain nameless, hid the clue here. After opening gifts he sent them downstairs to do something - in the mancave! Men!

Clue 5: It's clean, then it's dirty. Now ait, again it's clean. Your next clue can be found in the _________________ machine. DISHWASHING - of course they went to the washer as expected first ;)

Clue 6: Something comfy to sit upon, a couch, a chair, a bed. Just one tip, this comfy thing, is Mom's favorite color _____. RED

Clue 7: You can play on it or do some work, eat a snac if you are able. It moves around and grows and shrinks. Have you sat yet at the _____________. TABLE

Clue 8: When your tummy starts to growl, you might want to fill your belly. It goes grea with peanut butter. The clue is with the _____________. JELLY again they went to the fridge as expected but needed to go to the freezer in the basement - which they figured out pretty quickly.

Stage 2 coming tomorrow.....

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