Monday, February 17, 2014

Send more cards...

Did you ever think of someone or someone experiencing something and say to yourself, "Boy I should send them a card!" and then you think about it and life continues on and you just never get around to it? Yep, happens to me often too. So this year I've decided Goal # 10 will be to send more cards. I've gotten back into making them with my scrapbooking scraps so there's no sense in them sitting in the card box now is there? Keep an eye out - one may be headed your way!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


You've heard of it right? Pinterest - the site where you pin images and links of things you love and would love to do but probably won't - ever. I too have tons of pins. I mean, really, don't their photos of food just look fabulous. The hairstyles perfect and easy, the crafts so creative..... I plan on doing some of the things I have pinned. Then I will post about it with a rating - either a 
which means it worked out well and I would do it again or recommend it
which means skip this one! Fail! You get the idea.

Today's Pin It! or PASS 

The food on pinterest looks so yummy and easy to make, right? How many recipes do you have on there anyway? Ever make one? Well I have made several different recipes, including this one I made today...

Have to tell you - it's a 
the homemade biscuits are delish and it was as easy as it says it was. I didn't even have pepperoni and it was still yummy! Going to go write out a recipe card for it right now. Enjoy!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

That Ole Recipe Binder update

This is the binder I picked - what do you think? 

I have to tell you I love it! 

Finally got some time so I opened it up, put the recipe cards inside for easy access/storage, emptied the old one and have it in a pile to donate. Several recipes already written in, a couple more to go to catch up to my goal. Will be caught up within the next hour. YES!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The sick week

The last week has been full of taking care of the sick. I have had three sick 'boys' in the past week. They all had the 'bug' - you know the one that is going around. It is NOT pretty! Then I had to go get the flu. What a week. Just when you think you are getting ahead........ Hopefully we are back on course now.

Goal recap time!
 We continue to work on this every week. A few dishes here, a small box of junk there.... it all adds up and I love paring it down.

 January Date was a LOT of fun. We did a lot in one day and enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to February's date as well.
 Ahhh Flylady - what can I say - I would be lost without which is never more evident to me than on weeks like this last one. Without routines I would be under Mount Washmore and a pile of dust bunnies!

Ok, when you've been sick and the weather has been bad this is a tough one. But overall this month I have made huge improvements in movement. Great release of stress as well!!
 I have completed four books, but my tracking system tells me I am falling behind. LOL Not to worry!!

 Again making strides - continuing to start over every now and then but am proud to say that my yelling moments are quieter when they do happen. Go me!
10 days in January I did something scrap related. I remember the feeling a couple weeks ago when I went to bed so happy and relaxed. Haven't felt that in a while but I continue to work on this goal. Have set up a couple scrap/friends things but they haven't worked out either. I won't give up though because I remember the peace it brings!

Time with friends and family (which I can't believe I don't have a picture for right now) has been going well too. We've had several movie nights (and another set up for this Friday), I helped one friend move, went out to lunch/movies with another, chilled with another. I love this goal!!