Monday, August 25, 2014


I first learned about gratitude in a book I read many years ago and still keep at my bedside - 'Simple Abundance' by Sara Ban Breathnach. In this book Sara talks about keeping a gratitude journal. I did that for a while but then I didn't want to keep an actual notebook and life got in the way (hmmm, have you heard that before?) and I stopped. But what I learned was that even on the darkest day there are at least three things I can be grateful for. Last year I downloaded the Gratitude 365 app - I missed a few days - like 27, but that was all. I love going back and seeing what I had to be grateful for. I love seeing the huge number of things I actually listed last year. So this goal is to maintain Gratitude 365 and try to get in each day this year. I am so blessed, I need to remember that every day!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


There seems to have been a small shift in balance. Not sure what - some down time, some organizing.......whatever it was/is I am thankful for it. I can see the results on my scrap counter, in my pantry shelves, in the laundry NOT being piled up, deep down in my soul....

So tonight, as I sign off my computer and prepare to scrap, I look up. On the board, above my computer, that goal list from eight months ago sits and calls to me. I knew it was a great idea to stick it there for a reminder. So what if it took me this long to actually use that reminder - it still worked.

Five transferred recipes later I feel even more back on track. YES!