Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's time for........

Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It
     This week's PIN is about food. Ok, I know, that comes as a shocker to you doesn't it? LOL What can I say, we LOVE food around here. So I see this picture and just HAVE to add it to my food folder. I mean, look at that deliciousness!
     I have to tell you that I didn't quite follow the directions as stated. (always a rule breaker ;) I did not cut the crusts off. Come on, didn't your mother ever tell you that all the nutrients are in the crust? I have always hated cutting crust off for any reason. It just makes the sandwich smaller.... But anyway, the crust rolls out just like the rest of the bread so no need for that extra work there.
     We put peanut butter and jelly on some and cream cheese and jelly on others. No clear favorite there. I also didn't follow directions and let everyone put their own cinnamon sugar on. I try to cut corners where I can ;) Will we eat them again? SURE WILL. It's a definite PIN! But next time someone else operates the rolling pin!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

13 in 13 Mid-Month Check In!!
Wow this month has flown by - over half gone already! Time to check in and see how I am doing...

Goal 1 - Start back to Zumba - had to take a week off but went back and loving it as usual.

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers - back at it and I keep missing some days of journaling - haven't lost in two weeks but haven't gained either so I call it a WIN!

Goal 3 - Scrap more - good thing I didn't say I HAD to scrap five days a week or I wouldn't be meeting this goal at all LOL It's all in how you say it. I am scrapping more though - only 2 days the first week of Feb but 4 last week and already one for this one ;)

Goal 4 - More Kindness - yeppers still going strong on this one - but that's another post...

Goal 5 - Read 30 books - I've now read 10. LOVE Goodreads for tracking this.

Goal 6 - Finish 2012 Project Life Book - well I finished putting it all together and have placed the order for the photos. Making progress.....

Goal 7 - Reduce and possibly eliminate artificial sugar - not going as badly as I thought it might. Drinking more plain old water with lemon too. WIN!

Goal 8 - Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night - well I have only had 3 nights with less that 6 hours. Not bad but will keep working on it and try to get to 6! How do I know you might ask yourself? Well there's a handy little app on my Itouch called Sleep Cycle - it tracks how long you sleep and what kind / quality of sleep you get. It also has a nice little alarm clock with it. I love waking up daily to Jealous of the Angels by Jenn Bostic before my regular alarm goes off.

So there's my update - not all fantastic but making progress and still going. Anyone want to share a goal you are working on this year?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

          My youngest son asked me if I had thought about what I was giving up for Lent because he had. I said I hadn't really thought about giving things up, but more about giving. I asked if he wanted to do that. He said no. He was really into 'giving up' this year and thought he would give up..... the Wii!! 

          Yes, you saw that right, the Wii! After a discussion of how his birthday falls during Lent which means possible Wii presents he wouldn't be able to play with for a couple weeks, the possibilities of giving up my Itouch, chocolate (which cannot happen because he IS having Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie for his birthday), dessert (see above), and pie (see above) were all discussed. I mentioned ice cream. He decided he better just give up the Wii. LOL My boys certainly do love food!

          As I looked across the seat on our way to Zumba I could see just how much this meant to him. It was written all over his sweet serious face. I offered to give up ice cream with him, if that would help. He looked at me, eyes large and searching, and said, "You would do that for me?" Yep, be still my melting heart. You can say it a million times but they just don't get that you would do ANYTHING for them.

          After class we came home and talked to the two other guys in the house. My heart swelled as they both agreed they too could give up ice cream to support the young one. See, it's not just about giving up, it's about giving, in all ways. What a great Lenten Season beginning.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Random Acts of Kindness UPDATE

* Donated coffee to our troops
* Paid off library fines for strangers
* Sent a thinking of you note to a friend
* Carried groceries out to the car of an elderly lady
* Moved a coworkers car while a snow crew took care of the parking area
* Went to a church breakfast and paid for the next person to come in behind me - the worker told me when I left that it was an elderly lady on a limited income :)
* Walked an older gentleman into the hospital while his spouse parked the car
* Held the door open for some folks on a cold windy day - they said I didn't have to but they sure were happy I did LOL

What RAK have you done? Spread a little kindness...

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's time for....

Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It

This week's adventure was all about the cookie. Now I make a decent chocolate chip cookie - you know, the Nestle Cookie Recipe. Yum! But I saw these and they just looked sooooooooo good that I couldn't pass it up.

They were good. Much different than the ones I usually make? Not so much. More chips I believe, but that can be changed. I did like how they stayed softer in the middle though. I would Pin It.