Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Excellent Customer Service

Sometimes something good and unexpected happens and you just have to share it. 

I ordered a shirt for DH to give to someone just because he 'knew' his friend would love it. Talk about a RAK! I received the shirt in excellent condition but two sizes two small. 

Not one to complain or expect others to correct my mistakes, sometimes you just give it a shot and see what happens. Well this was one of those times. I truly believe I ordered the correct size because the medium I received was not even an option to consider when ordering. So I contacted customer service and asked about returning for an exchange. While checking the site to be sure I had options I noticed that I was charged a $1 more for the larger size as well and sent that off in a follow up email. 

I received a response the next morning - the difference in price had been changed and, upon checking inventory, they noted the size I wanted was out of stock and they had no date of restocking. The charges were refunded to my account and there was no need to return the shirt. They hoped that resolved the situation to my satisfaction. Um, yeah, above and beyond! Thanks Candice! 

Now to RAK that shirt to someone...... http://www.millscreekmerchandising.com/buckwear.html who's interested?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

13 in 13 Update

Here's my update - and it's not pretty. NEVER again will I post how things will slow down and get better and I will be more up to date and back on track. Yea, um, not going to happen. LOL

Goal 1 - Zumba - yea, um, I'm going, sometimes. Once a week or so... some weeks are better than others but at least I am still getting there..... I do love when I do make it!!

Goal 2 - Weight Watchers - Yea, um..... not so great here. No changes, too much to do and not taking care of me. Will keep at it because it's better than not doing anything at all. But to be honest - if I hadn't set this goal I wouldn't still be working on it. So Goal Setting win!

Goal 3 - Scrap more - Yea, um, not happening at all! UGH!

Goal 4 - More Kindness - this is going ok. Will just update now:
* bought someone breakfast on the sly
* paid for the next person's coffee
* let people go ahead of me in line(s)
* opening doors
* sharing umbrellas
* getting coffee/drinks/etc... for people so they don't have to get up
* sending some cards for no reason at all
* not injuring some people and keeping my  mouth closed (and YES this is a RAK!!!)
* donating to Zumbathon
* donation to a fund raiser (or three ;)

Goal 5 - Read 30 books - doing ok on this one but not reading as much as I was - but there are only so many hours in a day.

Goal 6 - Project Life - DONE thank goodness!

Goal 7 - Reduce/eliminate artificial sugar - was struggling with this for a while in combination with point counting. Had some diet soda the other day and really didn't like it so I think I am ok - not eliminated but just a trace here and there ;)

Goal 8 - Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night - actually doing pretty good on this one. Not sure if that's good or bad LOL heading up to bed at a decent hour but that darned Nook........... still a work in progress.

SOOOO overall still hanging in there. Wanting to add another soon.......... Thank for looking!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

13 in 13 New Month Update

It's been a while since I updated my progress on these goals. I have to say I am loving this format though. NEVER have I paid so much attention to or followed through on my goals before this.

Goal 1 – Start back to Zumba - feeling back on track here for the most part, going to different classes just to be sure to try to get in my two a week. Still loving it!!

Goal 2 – Weight Watchers - Happy to say that I am tracking  more and exercising more (starting last week) Trying to keep it simple yet get moving. Some tapes when I have half an hour or so, see Goal 1, and just some elliptical for 15 minutes here and there. Every bit helps!

Goal 3 – Scrap More - ok, well this one is not going so well :( Will work on adding it back into my routines.

Goal 4 – More Kindness - this is still going well but took a break for a while. Am conscience of it more often recently and will update that post in a while.

Goal 5 – Read 30 books - I am at 22!!

Goal 6 – Finish Project Life 2012 - DONE!!!!! Now I started monthly pages for the boys to stick in their regular scrapbooks. We'll see if they like them or if I should let it go...

Goal 7 – Reduce and eliminate artificial sugar - This is a toughie - without WW it's not too bad, but with counting points it makes me want to go back.... working on NOT going back!

Goal 8 – Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night - Another toughie (darned Nook and Words with Friends) Am trying to be more conscience about this as well.....

I am thinking I have a new goal in mind to add soon...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Almost a month...

It's been almost a month since I've posted on here. I believe my last post said something about maybe now things would settle down - HA! Life sure showed me how wrong I was. Several doctor appointments, competitions, and Anniversary Celebration preparations made the month fly by. Here's to hoping this time I'm right when I say..... maybe now things will settle down. ;)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Madness Kinsey Style

The other day I lay in bed unable to sleep and wondered where the month had gone. I don't feel like I've accomplished much. I KNOW I've had no 'me time'. I can't figure it out ~ until I realize it's just our March Madness setting in.
          Our kind of March Madness isn't the norm. It comes from having two children born nine days shy of two years apart. Every couple of years you can add Easter to the mix and wala ~ Welcome to my world...
          So as the month winds down and the celebrations are close to ending, I can breathe a sigh of relief. Knowing that as spring arrives I can say goodbye to our March Madness ~ as wonderful as it is ~ and look forward to some down time.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning

You know how it is, the sun starts shining, the weather gets a little nicer, you just want to open the windows and let the stale air out and the fresh air in. Then you notice it - the dirt and dust that has piled up all winter. The tops of the curtains are, dare I say it, dusty? A fine layer of gray is making them look faded. The windows have a sort of glaze on them from the coal dust. It just has to go...

And that is how my weekend upstairs in the boys room started. The curtains came down, sheets were changed, trim was cleaned, windows were washed inside and out (thank heaven for tilt ins!). Ahhh, it looked and smelled so much better. When the kids headed to bed Trevor stubbed his sore toe - again. The agony was clear and my Mommy Heart was aching. Something just had to be done...

So, in the name of preventing more injuries, the three of us stayed up until 11:00, moving, clearing, wiping the carpet and trim, moving some more, debating placement and angles... until we came up with this. It's awesome, it's more open, there is limited toe damaging areas, and I even want to go hang out there! Now if only someone would come over and redo my room!

Friday, March 8, 2013

More Kindness

RAK's Update
More Kindness - Goal 4

Remember that even if it's a little thing - sometimes that can compel someone else to pass on another act of kindness. Together we could make this world a better place, a little at a time!

* Held the door open
* Took a forgotten grocery purchase to someone as they were leaving the store
* Did some chores for the kids just because
* Followed up with someone regarding an appt they had and were worried about just so they knew I really WAS listening
* Vacuumed for someone
* Donated supplies
* Paid the rest of someone's lunch bill when they were short money and didn't tell them
* Gave a movie to someone to watch and just asked that they pass it on
* Mailed some goodies out of the blue to some kids I know
* Shoveled snow for some neighboring businesses before they got to work
* Mailed some 'thinking of you' cards

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's time for........

Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It
     This week's PIN is about food. Ok, I know, that comes as a shocker to you doesn't it? LOL What can I say, we LOVE food around here. So I see this picture and just HAVE to add it to my food folder. I mean, look at that deliciousness!
     I have to tell you that I didn't quite follow the directions as stated. (always a rule breaker ;) I did not cut the crusts off. Come on, didn't your mother ever tell you that all the nutrients are in the crust? I have always hated cutting crust off for any reason. It just makes the sandwich smaller.... But anyway, the crust rolls out just like the rest of the bread so no need for that extra work there.
     We put peanut butter and jelly on some and cream cheese and jelly on others. No clear favorite there. I also didn't follow directions and let everyone put their own cinnamon sugar on. I try to cut corners where I can ;) Will we eat them again? SURE WILL. It's a definite PIN! But next time someone else operates the rolling pin!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

13 in 13 Mid-Month Check In!!
Wow this month has flown by - over half gone already! Time to check in and see how I am doing...

Goal 1 - Start back to Zumba - had to take a week off but went back and loving it as usual.

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers - back at it and I keep missing some days of journaling - haven't lost in two weeks but haven't gained either so I call it a WIN!

Goal 3 - Scrap more - good thing I didn't say I HAD to scrap five days a week or I wouldn't be meeting this goal at all LOL It's all in how you say it. I am scrapping more though - only 2 days the first week of Feb but 4 last week and already one for this one ;)

Goal 4 - More Kindness - yeppers still going strong on this one - but that's another post...

Goal 5 - Read 30 books - I've now read 10. LOVE Goodreads for tracking this.

Goal 6 - Finish 2012 Project Life Book - well I finished putting it all together and have placed the order for the photos. Making progress.....

Goal 7 - Reduce and possibly eliminate artificial sugar - not going as badly as I thought it might. Drinking more plain old water with lemon too. WIN!

Goal 8 - Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night - well I have only had 3 nights with less that 6 hours. Not bad but will keep working on it and try to get to 6! How do I know you might ask yourself? Well there's a handy little app on my Itouch called Sleep Cycle - it tracks how long you sleep and what kind / quality of sleep you get. It also has a nice little alarm clock with it. I love waking up daily to Jealous of the Angels by Jenn Bostic before my regular alarm goes off.

So there's my update - not all fantastic but making progress and still going. Anyone want to share a goal you are working on this year?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

          My youngest son asked me if I had thought about what I was giving up for Lent because he had. I said I hadn't really thought about giving things up, but more about giving. I asked if he wanted to do that. He said no. He was really into 'giving up' this year and thought he would give up..... the Wii!! 

          Yes, you saw that right, the Wii! After a discussion of how his birthday falls during Lent which means possible Wii presents he wouldn't be able to play with for a couple weeks, the possibilities of giving up my Itouch, chocolate (which cannot happen because he IS having Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie for his birthday), dessert (see above), and pie (see above) were all discussed. I mentioned ice cream. He decided he better just give up the Wii. LOL My boys certainly do love food!

          As I looked across the seat on our way to Zumba I could see just how much this meant to him. It was written all over his sweet serious face. I offered to give up ice cream with him, if that would help. He looked at me, eyes large and searching, and said, "You would do that for me?" Yep, be still my melting heart. You can say it a million times but they just don't get that you would do ANYTHING for them.

          After class we came home and talked to the two other guys in the house. My heart swelled as they both agreed they too could give up ice cream to support the young one. See, it's not just about giving up, it's about giving, in all ways. What a great Lenten Season beginning.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Random Acts of Kindness UPDATE

* Donated coffee to our troops
* Paid off library fines for strangers
* Sent a thinking of you note to a friend
* Carried groceries out to the car of an elderly lady
* Moved a coworkers car while a snow crew took care of the parking area
* Went to a church breakfast and paid for the next person to come in behind me - the worker told me when I left that it was an elderly lady on a limited income :)
* Walked an older gentleman into the hospital while his spouse parked the car
* Held the door open for some folks on a cold windy day - they said I didn't have to but they sure were happy I did LOL

What RAK have you done? Spread a little kindness...

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's time for....

Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It

This week's adventure was all about the cookie. Now I make a decent chocolate chip cookie - you know, the Nestle Cookie Recipe. Yum! But I saw these and they just looked sooooooooo good that I couldn't pass it up.

They were good. Much different than the ones I usually make? Not so much. More chips I believe, but that can be changed. I did like how they stayed softer in the middle though. I would Pin It.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

13 in 13 update and new goals added!

13 in 13 End of Month Check In

Goal 1 -start back to Zumba - going well for the most part and even did Zumba at home one night when I couldn't get out to class. Yeah me!

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers - still going strong even though I fell behind on the journaling this past week. As a friend says - it's ok, it was my birthday weekend LOL Back on track as of today...

Goal 3 - Scrap More - Hit five days last week - woot woot! Going strong on four this week.

Goal 4 - More Kindness - doing some little things and still need to post it ;)

Goal 5 - Read 30 Books - I got a NOOK HD for my birthday so this is going to be even more fun ;) I have now read 6 books so far.

Goal 6 - Finish 2012 Project Life - I started Project Life last year on my birthday. I fell WAYYY behind for many reasons... too busy... no printer for pictures... too disorganized to get this done... not enough scrapping time (see Goal 3). I almost decided just to stop and get rid of everything so I wouldn't be stressing about it. BUT Aaron loves the book and it really is awesome to see all the little details I wouldn't normally scrap anyway so I decided to finish it. I have pictures almost ready to order, they are uploaded for the most part. I am working on week 47 with only the sample pictures. I cannot wait to finish and order the pictures and get the pictures and put them in.... as you can see, this is not a quick goal either. But I am on my way.

Goal 7 - Reduce and possibly eliminate artificial sugar in my life
Ok diet soda drinkers - you know what I am talking about. WW people, you do too. Diet stuff is tasty (to me) and less points BUT I've been reading so much about it for the past six months. How bad it is for your health, how there is no 'real' sugar substitute, how it promotes fat gain and - ugh - the dreaded belly fat! Sooooo I am on my way to reducing it. Got rid of all the pretty pink packets from my house and office and haven't had a diet soda since. Baby steps...

Goal 8 - Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night (may bump up to 7 later)
This is so not an easy task for me. But if I get to bed by 11:30 every night I can do it. Just started this Tuesday and I've done it one night LOL but it is still getting me to bed earlier than normal....... In an effort to make it tonight - I better finish this post!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

So glad we're actually having a winter this year. Don't get me wrong, I hate being cold. By the time winter is over I will be ever so thankful for spring. But for now we try to enjoy what we've been given. Even if we're given below zero temperatures there is still beauty and fun to be found. Beautiful blue skies, warmer (above zero) temperatures, and brothers having fun together. Life is good.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I just love this man. It's not always easy and it's not always wine and roses. But it IS always OURS! I couldn't do this without you Babe!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It

Ok Pinteresters - you know who you are... How many things have you pinned and have yet to check out. No, don't go count them, we don't want to waste our day ;) but if you're anything like me you have pinned a couple things. Well I have decided to actually, don't faint' TRY the things I pin. Not all at once but every now and then. I will either keep it Pinned or delete it. Thus my post - Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It.

Today's pin was  - cleaning with lemons.
Scrub your tub faucet with a lemon and it will shine like new! This and other natural cleaning wonders.

So I gave it a shot - by the way, do NOT do this if you have a cracked fingertip! OUCH! It works, smells good, so does the cleaner I usually use. Ok, well this actually smelled better. So, although I'm not sure I will do it often, it does work and will stay pinned. 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My this week is flying by. Yes, you can blame me for the latest snowstorm if you read my last post. Kids are looking forward to more family sledding fun Sunday and Monday. If you know us and want to come over give us a ring.... But that's not what today's post is about - it's about...

13 in 13 Mid-Month Check In!

Goal 1 - Start back to Zumba - I have started back two days a week. Going strong and feeling the effects!

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers - joined and tracking daily. Didn't do great with my points week 1 but did so much better than I would have without it.

Goal 3 - Scrap More - Trying to hit five days a week - Last week I got three days in - the first week I had four days in. It's not five but it's more than if I didn't have this goal.

Goal 4 - MORE KINDNESS - I have decided to track my RAK's on here weekly - that will be another post....

Goal 5 - Read 30 books. I am making TONS of progress COLLECTING ebooks. Put in a birthday wish list of a Nook HD, not that I can't read on my ITouch but still... Reading one book now and hoping to finish this weekend.

I do love a challenge - I mean Goal!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I may be turning 48 in a few weeks, but I am NOT too old to go out and have some fun in the snow. Made it all the more fun, just last week, for all of us to just be there together. Too bad I don't have pictures of me winning the snowball battle or throwing my kids down in the snow. Hey, I can't take photos AND be the winner ;) Looking forward to the next batch of white fun.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I was visiting my homepage blog tonight and saw this 13 in 13 Challenge. 


        Now if you know me you know I have a hard time resisting a challenge so of course I'm in like Flynn! The purpose - to set and achieve Thirteen Goals in 2013. I LOVE challenges, but I HATE goal setting, or so I tell myself. So I start writing this post and think of Goal 1. As I'm typing I think of Goal 2 which is actually my first goal of the year so I rewrite. Then... yep you guessed it, I remembered another goal and another goal. Holy smokes, I am now up to five to start with. Guess I don't hate setting goals after all! More goals to come as the year goes by.....

Goal 1 - Start back to Zumba 
        Anyone who Zumbas can tell you what this means to us. 2012 was a VERY stressful year for me and 2013 is going to be as well. But I am more prepared to start this year than I was 2012. Zumba IS my stress relief. I religiously went to Zumba twice a week until I got sick and had surgery. Then it was all downhill. I felt it too. My energy level went down and my stress level went up. So I am rededicating myself to twice a week as often as I can.

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers
         Years ago I lost 32 pounds on Weight Watchers. Yes, 32 much needed pounds. It worked for me. I think I decided to 'take the summer off' and that was how I found my parotid tumor and had surgery and..... well, that was the end of that for years. I've been thinking of joining again for a couple months. I guess you could say spontaneity is not a trait of mine. A couple weeks ago I get a flyer in the mail about rejoining Weight Watchers. As I type this I hear an ad on the TV in the other room advertising - can you guess - yep, WW online! Is that a sign??? Hmmmmm....... get ready to achieve Goal 2!

Goal 3 - I'll tell you what Goal 3 is NOT - it is not a set amount of pounds or inches that I want to lose in 2013. I don't care if I only lose five pounds. I want to do the above for the reasons listed above. I am NOT good with a scale and I will not let that defeat me! 

Goal 3 - To Scrap More
        I know I talk about scrapping, a lot. I say I'm going to be scrapping, but other 'stuff' happens and I don't do it. If I do it's not much. Zumba is my stress relief; Scrapping is my therapy. (Ok funny friends, no smart comments about me needing therapy!) I am going to try to do something scrapping related five nights a week. It could be sorting, organizing, reading about it, looking for motivation, editing pictures (which we know I love - NOT), or actually creating. I will not count shopping LOL

Goal 4 - MORE
        Goal 4 has to do with my One Little Word of 2013 - MORE. For this goal I am choosing MORE KINDNESS. Little Random Acts of Kindness (RAK's) to spread more kindness and hope it brightens someone's day and maybe, just maybe, they will pay it forward.

Goal 5 - Read 30 Books
        Why 30 you ask? I have no idea, it's just the number that popped into my head. I'm curious to see how I do with this one. I do love reading, I just usually don't make the time for it.

So there you go, the first 5 of 13 goals.... I will check back in monthly to update and maybe add another. It's in writing now, no hiding!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Martian Hat

Anyone remember the Martian from Bugs Bunny. I loved that little guy. There are still times when you might hear me talking like him too. I just couldn't resist getting this hat for myself. Mom hates it but I love it!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

SNOW much fun around here - now you can see why we love it when it snows!

Friday, January 4, 2013

My family was rocking some Christmas socks Christmas Eve!! Socks are cool, the legs are another story LOL!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And my 'One Little Word' for 2013 is........


A greater or additional amount or degree: "I poured myself more coffee"; "tell me more".
Comparative of much forming the comparative of adjectives and adverbs, esp. those of more than one syllable.
still - yet - else - further - again - rather

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hmmmm, seems to me I always start this in January and fizzle out by mid to late March. Well, since I do this basically just for me, let's give it another try. Like those who make resolutions, try and try again....

Can you guess what my word for 2013 is???