Sunday, May 5, 2013

13 in 13 New Month Update

It's been a while since I updated my progress on these goals. I have to say I am loving this format though. NEVER have I paid so much attention to or followed through on my goals before this.

Goal 1 – Start back to Zumba - feeling back on track here for the most part, going to different classes just to be sure to try to get in my two a week. Still loving it!!

Goal 2 – Weight Watchers - Happy to say that I am tracking  more and exercising more (starting last week) Trying to keep it simple yet get moving. Some tapes when I have half an hour or so, see Goal 1, and just some elliptical for 15 minutes here and there. Every bit helps!

Goal 3 – Scrap More - ok, well this one is not going so well :( Will work on adding it back into my routines.

Goal 4 – More Kindness - this is still going well but took a break for a while. Am conscience of it more often recently and will update that post in a while.

Goal 5 – Read 30 books - I am at 22!!

Goal 6 – Finish Project Life 2012 - DONE!!!!! Now I started monthly pages for the boys to stick in their regular scrapbooks. We'll see if they like them or if I should let it go...

Goal 7 – Reduce and eliminate artificial sugar - This is a toughie - without WW it's not too bad, but with counting points it makes me want to go back.... working on NOT going back!

Goal 8 – Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night - Another toughie (darned Nook and Words with Friends) Am trying to be more conscience about this as well.....

I am thinking I have a new goal in mind to add soon...

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