Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Excellent Customer Service

Sometimes something good and unexpected happens and you just have to share it. 

I ordered a shirt for DH to give to someone just because he 'knew' his friend would love it. Talk about a RAK! I received the shirt in excellent condition but two sizes two small. 

Not one to complain or expect others to correct my mistakes, sometimes you just give it a shot and see what happens. Well this was one of those times. I truly believe I ordered the correct size because the medium I received was not even an option to consider when ordering. So I contacted customer service and asked about returning for an exchange. While checking the site to be sure I had options I noticed that I was charged a $1 more for the larger size as well and sent that off in a follow up email. 

I received a response the next morning - the difference in price had been changed and, upon checking inventory, they noted the size I wanted was out of stock and they had no date of restocking. The charges were refunded to my account and there was no need to return the shirt. They hoped that resolved the situation to my satisfaction. Um, yeah, above and beyond! Thanks Candice! 

Now to RAK that shirt to someone...... http://www.millscreekmerchandising.com/buckwear.html who's interested?

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