Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm back.....

I always, ALWAYS, seem to disappear in March. Why? Two birthday boys is why and this year was no different. Luckily Easter does NOT fall in March this year! I love March, obviously, some of my favorite memories come this month. But I also hate it. I hate the busyness, the work, all there is to do. Although I am grateful for the month and all it holds I am also grateful to see it go and for life to return to a little more normal. (Be warned, normal does not mean less busy!)

But, I am back. Now you probably know I plan things, right? You probably know I pre-make my meals. You probably also know I menu plan, usually a week or a few days at a time. The weekly or few days of planning all started because Menu Planning for an entire month was too overwhelming for me. So I broke it down. Until now.

Last week I did a month of menu planning. Took me a while, made me nervous, oh the decisions that had to be made... but I have this freezer full of food and meals I've prepared. I've been having a tough time knowing what we were going to eat when based on what our plans were for the day. So I gave it a shot.

I have to tell you - I am loving it! No really REALLY loving it! I prepped dinner for tomorrow tonight - I know what I'm doing ALL WEEK! It's so freeing. I only have to make the decision one time and then not think about it until the night before. All supplies are on hand, the food is prepped, I know if it has to be a crock pot meal due to our schedule, a quickie, or if it's a night I have time to actually make the meal after work. Awesome! If you haven't tried it you should give it a whirl.

Here's the rest of our week:
Monday - Crock Pot Pizza and salad
Tuesday - we'll buy kaisers out as we're on the road
Wednesday - Venison Stroganoff and peas
Thursday - Sausage and eggs - late dinner or maybe leftovers
Friday - Parmesan Pork Chops, baked potatoes, salad and limas
Saturday - we are out and about ALL day and night

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