Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Balance can be defined as a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. Well I think balance is lacking in my life and has been for a while. I don't feel balanced - at all. I am out of whack.

I set these goals in January, followed them for quite a few months. Since then life got extra busy (as usual) and the goals fell by the wayside. Oh they are still there, thanks to the list I printed that hangs by my computer and this blog. But they haven't been in the front of my mind or my plans. I can feel the neglect.

No really, I can feel it! I went back to Zumba last night and believe me when I say I CAN FEEL IT! After I do that I always question myself. How did I let myself go like that? Why did I let myself go like that? What in heavens name was I thinking letting myself go like that? After one class I feel so much better (well relatively speaking of course). It amazes me how much Zumba affects so many aspects of my world.

So, back to balance... how do you balance it all? I mean, I get it - we don't need to be Wonder Woman. But I need a clean organized house, happy kids, and fun times. (No, really I NEED a cleaned organized house!)  I want to date my husband, party with friends and family, do things, go places, scrap, cook, bake, encourage my kids to do more things and try new things. Yet every day I run out of time.....

So I browse (come on you know you do it too) and see what I can come up with. I find this link - What is Life Balance 
I look some more and read this: "...I want to show you why my life is out of balance and why your life should be out of balance too." HUH? It SHOULD be this way? Feeling better all ready! Maybe I'm not as out of balance as I thought I was....


  1. Balance or no balance, you need to take care of yourself. Mom's get so focused on everyone else, they forget about themselves and how important it is to take of yourself. Priorities - health, mental health, physical well being...without these, how can you manage to take care of everyone else? There is no magic potion or Do It Yourself book that can make this happen....I pray a lot...

  2. You are fine just the way you are! Use your goals as reminders of what you would like to do.......not avenues for Guilt Trips. Enjoy each day and look forward to the next.

  3. Thanks - sometimes I just lose myself