Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome 2015

With a new year come 365 blank pages to fill with whatever we choose. I love that. The newness, the beginnings, the clean pages, the chances to start over....

Looking back through my blog in 2013 I posted but did not meet 13 goals. In 2014 I posted (and did not meet) 14 goals. In 2015 I am going to finish - my 2014 goals plus 1! Just going to jump right back in and work on the same ones. Sounds like a plan to me!!

Here they are:
GOAL 1 -I did ok last year but there is always more to be done. Besides, I love Organizing!

GOAL 2 - I think I need this at the beginning of every year. The holiday season can be so busy.... so it's Back to Basics with Flylady!


GOAL 3 - Life is always better with less yelling... restarting the Orange Rhino Challenge.

GOAL 4 - Yep this says it all..... I just need to make time to do more of it. Scrapbooking is cheaper than therapy

GOAL 5 - My hubby's favorite one - More Dates!

GOAL 6 - My first year of tracking I read 44 books (goal of 30). Last  year I read 33(goal of 50 I think). This year I am going for Read 36 books!

GOAL 7 - AMEN!! Time With Friends - can you ever do this enough? Probably not and I know I did better last year but I want to do more. 

GOAL 8 - That Ole Recipe Binder - Last year I bought it and started filling it by transferring my old recipes off the computer. I didn't complete it but it's partially done. More to do....

GOAL 9 - Movement - Didn't do so great with this last year.... never too late to start again though.

GOAL 10 - This can go along with Goal 4 too. Send More Cards I've already got a start on this one....

GOAL 11 - There is SOOO much I have to be grateful for. Gratitude

GOAL 12 - Getting Rid of It! - Yes this could go along with Goal 9 too. I considered it last  year - this year I'm doing it.

GOAL 13 - RAKs - Random Acts of Kindness - this was a goal in 2013 which I met. But  you know how at Christmas time you are filled with the spirit and are kinder and you see others doing and being kinder as well? I want to try to keep that spirit alive ALL YEAR.

GOAL 14 - Mindfulness in all I do....

GOAL 15 - Ahhh Pinterest - where all the great ideas are put into folders. I want to continue to pin things but I also want to do more of the things I pin. Pin It or Pass

So there you have it - this is what my year looks like. I can't wait for each day of it!!

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