Friday, March 8, 2013

More Kindness

RAK's Update
More Kindness - Goal 4

Remember that even if it's a little thing - sometimes that can compel someone else to pass on another act of kindness. Together we could make this world a better place, a little at a time!

* Held the door open
* Took a forgotten grocery purchase to someone as they were leaving the store
* Did some chores for the kids just because
* Followed up with someone regarding an appt they had and were worried about just so they knew I really WAS listening
* Vacuumed for someone
* Donated supplies
* Paid the rest of someone's lunch bill when they were short money and didn't tell them
* Gave a movie to someone to watch and just asked that they pass it on
* Mailed some goodies out of the blue to some kids I know
* Shoveled snow for some neighboring businesses before they got to work
* Mailed some 'thinking of you' cards

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