Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's time for........

Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It
     This week's PIN is about food. Ok, I know, that comes as a shocker to you doesn't it? LOL What can I say, we LOVE food around here. So I see this picture and just HAVE to add it to my food folder. I mean, look at that deliciousness!
     I have to tell you that I didn't quite follow the directions as stated. (always a rule breaker ;) I did not cut the crusts off. Come on, didn't your mother ever tell you that all the nutrients are in the crust? I have always hated cutting crust off for any reason. It just makes the sandwich smaller.... But anyway, the crust rolls out just like the rest of the bread so no need for that extra work there.
     We put peanut butter and jelly on some and cream cheese and jelly on others. No clear favorite there. I also didn't follow directions and let everyone put their own cinnamon sugar on. I try to cut corners where I can ;) Will we eat them again? SURE WILL. It's a definite PIN! But next time someone else operates the rolling pin!

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