Sunday, February 16, 2014


You've heard of it right? Pinterest - the site where you pin images and links of things you love and would love to do but probably won't - ever. I too have tons of pins. I mean, really, don't their photos of food just look fabulous. The hairstyles perfect and easy, the crafts so creative..... I plan on doing some of the things I have pinned. Then I will post about it with a rating - either a 
which means it worked out well and I would do it again or recommend it
which means skip this one! Fail! You get the idea.

Today's Pin It! or PASS 

The food on pinterest looks so yummy and easy to make, right? How many recipes do you have on there anyway? Ever make one? Well I have made several different recipes, including this one I made today...

Have to tell you - it's a 
the homemade biscuits are delish and it was as easy as it says it was. I didn't even have pepperoni and it was still yummy! Going to go write out a recipe card for it right now. Enjoy!!

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