Sunday, February 9, 2014

The sick week

The last week has been full of taking care of the sick. I have had three sick 'boys' in the past week. They all had the 'bug' - you know the one that is going around. It is NOT pretty! Then I had to go get the flu. What a week. Just when you think you are getting ahead........ Hopefully we are back on course now.

Goal recap time!
 We continue to work on this every week. A few dishes here, a small box of junk there.... it all adds up and I love paring it down.

 January Date was a LOT of fun. We did a lot in one day and enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to February's date as well.
 Ahhh Flylady - what can I say - I would be lost without which is never more evident to me than on weeks like this last one. Without routines I would be under Mount Washmore and a pile of dust bunnies!

Ok, when you've been sick and the weather has been bad this is a tough one. But overall this month I have made huge improvements in movement. Great release of stress as well!!
 I have completed four books, but my tracking system tells me I am falling behind. LOL Not to worry!!

 Again making strides - continuing to start over every now and then but am proud to say that my yelling moments are quieter when they do happen. Go me!
10 days in January I did something scrap related. I remember the feeling a couple weeks ago when I went to bed so happy and relaxed. Haven't felt that in a while but I continue to work on this goal. Have set up a couple scrap/friends things but they haven't worked out either. I won't give up though because I remember the peace it brings!

Time with friends and family (which I can't believe I don't have a picture for right now) has been going well too. We've had several movie nights (and another set up for this Friday), I helped one friend move, went out to lunch/movies with another, chilled with another. I love this goal!!

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