Sunday, February 17, 2013

13 in 13 Mid-Month Check In!!
Wow this month has flown by - over half gone already! Time to check in and see how I am doing...

Goal 1 - Start back to Zumba - had to take a week off but went back and loving it as usual.

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers - back at it and I keep missing some days of journaling - haven't lost in two weeks but haven't gained either so I call it a WIN!

Goal 3 - Scrap more - good thing I didn't say I HAD to scrap five days a week or I wouldn't be meeting this goal at all LOL It's all in how you say it. I am scrapping more though - only 2 days the first week of Feb but 4 last week and already one for this one ;)

Goal 4 - More Kindness - yeppers still going strong on this one - but that's another post...

Goal 5 - Read 30 books - I've now read 10. LOVE Goodreads for tracking this.

Goal 6 - Finish 2012 Project Life Book - well I finished putting it all together and have placed the order for the photos. Making progress.....

Goal 7 - Reduce and possibly eliminate artificial sugar - not going as badly as I thought it might. Drinking more plain old water with lemon too. WIN!

Goal 8 - Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night - well I have only had 3 nights with less that 6 hours. Not bad but will keep working on it and try to get to 6! How do I know you might ask yourself? Well there's a handy little app on my Itouch called Sleep Cycle - it tracks how long you sleep and what kind / quality of sleep you get. It also has a nice little alarm clock with it. I love waking up daily to Jealous of the Angels by Jenn Bostic before my regular alarm goes off.

So there's my update - not all fantastic but making progress and still going. Anyone want to share a goal you are working on this year?

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