Wednesday, January 30, 2013

13 in 13 update and new goals added!

13 in 13 End of Month Check In

Goal 1 -start back to Zumba - going well for the most part and even did Zumba at home one night when I couldn't get out to class. Yeah me!

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers - still going strong even though I fell behind on the journaling this past week. As a friend says - it's ok, it was my birthday weekend LOL Back on track as of today...

Goal 3 - Scrap More - Hit five days last week - woot woot! Going strong on four this week.

Goal 4 - More Kindness - doing some little things and still need to post it ;)

Goal 5 - Read 30 Books - I got a NOOK HD for my birthday so this is going to be even more fun ;) I have now read 6 books so far.

Goal 6 - Finish 2012 Project Life - I started Project Life last year on my birthday. I fell WAYYY behind for many reasons... too busy... no printer for pictures... too disorganized to get this done... not enough scrapping time (see Goal 3). I almost decided just to stop and get rid of everything so I wouldn't be stressing about it. BUT Aaron loves the book and it really is awesome to see all the little details I wouldn't normally scrap anyway so I decided to finish it. I have pictures almost ready to order, they are uploaded for the most part. I am working on week 47 with only the sample pictures. I cannot wait to finish and order the pictures and get the pictures and put them in.... as you can see, this is not a quick goal either. But I am on my way.

Goal 7 - Reduce and possibly eliminate artificial sugar in my life
Ok diet soda drinkers - you know what I am talking about. WW people, you do too. Diet stuff is tasty (to me) and less points BUT I've been reading so much about it for the past six months. How bad it is for your health, how there is no 'real' sugar substitute, how it promotes fat gain and - ugh - the dreaded belly fat! Sooooo I am on my way to reducing it. Got rid of all the pretty pink packets from my house and office and haven't had a diet soda since. Baby steps...

Goal 8 - Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night (may bump up to 7 later)
This is so not an easy task for me. But if I get to bed by 11:30 every night I can do it. Just started this Tuesday and I've done it one night LOL but it is still getting me to bed earlier than normal....... In an effort to make it tonight - I better finish this post!!

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