Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It

Ok Pinteresters - you know who you are... How many things have you pinned and have yet to check out. No, don't go count them, we don't want to waste our day ;) but if you're anything like me you have pinned a couple things. Well I have decided to actually, don't faint' TRY the things I pin. Not all at once but every now and then. I will either keep it Pinned or delete it. Thus my post - Pinterest - Pin It or Pass On It.

Today's pin was  - cleaning with lemons.
Scrub your tub faucet with a lemon and it will shine like new! This and other natural cleaning wonders.

So I gave it a shot - by the way, do NOT do this if you have a cracked fingertip! OUCH! It works, smells good, so does the cleaner I usually use. Ok, well this actually smelled better. So, although I'm not sure I will do it often, it does work and will stay pinned. 


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