Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I was visiting my homepage blog tonight and saw this 13 in 13 Challenge.

        Now if you know me you know I have a hard time resisting a challenge so of course I'm in like Flynn! The purpose - to set and achieve Thirteen Goals in 2013. I LOVE challenges, but I HATE goal setting, or so I tell myself. So I start writing this post and think of Goal 1. As I'm typing I think of Goal 2 which is actually my first goal of the year so I rewrite. Then... yep you guessed it, I remembered another goal and another goal. Holy smokes, I am now up to five to start with. Guess I don't hate setting goals after all! More goals to come as the year goes by.....

Goal 1 - Start back to Zumba 
        Anyone who Zumbas can tell you what this means to us. 2012 was a VERY stressful year for me and 2013 is going to be as well. But I am more prepared to start this year than I was 2012. Zumba IS my stress relief. I religiously went to Zumba twice a week until I got sick and had surgery. Then it was all downhill. I felt it too. My energy level went down and my stress level went up. So I am rededicating myself to twice a week as often as I can.

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers
         Years ago I lost 32 pounds on Weight Watchers. Yes, 32 much needed pounds. It worked for me. I think I decided to 'take the summer off' and that was how I found my parotid tumor and had surgery and..... well, that was the end of that for years. I've been thinking of joining again for a couple months. I guess you could say spontaneity is not a trait of mine. A couple weeks ago I get a flyer in the mail about rejoining Weight Watchers. As I type this I hear an ad on the TV in the other room advertising - can you guess - yep, WW online! Is that a sign??? Hmmmmm....... get ready to achieve Goal 2!

Goal 3 - I'll tell you what Goal 3 is NOT - it is not a set amount of pounds or inches that I want to lose in 2013. I don't care if I only lose five pounds. I want to do the above for the reasons listed above. I am NOT good with a scale and I will not let that defeat me! 

Goal 3 - To Scrap More
        I know I talk about scrapping, a lot. I say I'm going to be scrapping, but other 'stuff' happens and I don't do it. If I do it's not much. Zumba is my stress relief; Scrapping is my therapy. (Ok funny friends, no smart comments about me needing therapy!) I am going to try to do something scrapping related five nights a week. It could be sorting, organizing, reading about it, looking for motivation, editing pictures (which we know I love - NOT), or actually creating. I will not count shopping LOL

Goal 4 - MORE
        Goal 4 has to do with my One Little Word of 2013 - MORE. For this goal I am choosing MORE KINDNESS. Little Random Acts of Kindness (RAK's) to spread more kindness and hope it brightens someone's day and maybe, just maybe, they will pay it forward.

Goal 5 - Read 30 Books
        Why 30 you ask? I have no idea, it's just the number that popped into my head. I'm curious to see how I do with this one. I do love reading, I just usually don't make the time for it.

So there you go, the first 5 of 13 goals.... I will check back in monthly to update and maybe add another. It's in writing now, no hiding!

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