Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My this week is flying by. Yes, you can blame me for the latest snowstorm if you read my last post. Kids are looking forward to more family sledding fun Sunday and Monday. If you know us and want to come over give us a ring.... But that's not what today's post is about - it's about...

13 in 13 Mid-Month Check In!

Goal 1 - Start back to Zumba - I have started back two days a week. Going strong and feeling the effects!

Goal 2 - Join Weight Watchers - joined and tracking daily. Didn't do great with my points week 1 but did so much better than I would have without it.

Goal 3 - Scrap More - Trying to hit five days a week - Last week I got three days in - the first week I had four days in. It's not five but it's more than if I didn't have this goal.

Goal 4 - MORE KINDNESS - I have decided to track my RAK's on here weekly - that will be another post....

Goal 5 - Read 30 books. I am making TONS of progress COLLECTING ebooks. Put in a birthday wish list of a Nook HD, not that I can't read on my ITouch but still... Reading one book now and hoping to finish this weekend.

I do love a challenge - I mean Goal!

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