Saturday, January 4, 2014

14 in 14 - Goals Throughout the Year

Last year I started a project 13 in 13 - which was 13 goals set throughout the year 2013. I didn't finish but loved the idea and what I did accomplish. So in 2014 I am going to do 14 in 14. I will post as I add new goals and updates as well to help keep me on track.

1 - Get Organized -now if you know me you know I'm a fairly organized person and you may be wondering why I would make this a goal. Well, the past year has thrown me for a loop and I've gotten off track. I can see it in all aspects of my life and frankly, I don't like it, not one little bit. So I am taking all kinds of steps to get reorganized and back on track. I work so much better and feel so much calmer when I am organized and into my routines. Maybe it will help add some PEACE to my world as well.

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