Thursday, January 16, 2014

Read 52 Books - Goal 6

I love to read. I don't seem to ever have enough time to read but I love to read. I love when you're reading a really REALLY good book and you just can't put it down no matter how tired you KNOW you are going to be tomorrow. Can you relate to that one? My hubby is upstairs doing that right now LOL

Last year I did a book goal - I think it was 30. Give me a goal or a challenge and I am on it. I got in 30+ or so I thought. When I went and looked I think I was closer to 44 - stopped recording it after 40.

This year I was giving myself a goal of 36 - that's three books a month. Well if I could get 40+ in last year then I better actually challenge myself to 52 books - one a week. I am using as my tracking system since it worked pretty good last time around. Put my books in that I have downloaded recently and have read two already.

Any books out there that you think I just HAVE to read? Let me know!!

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